My second monsoon: 12 months in

Today is my NT anniversary, and what strikes me first is that one year isn’t enough to hold what the last has. I read a book about time perception a few years ago, and why summer holidays seem to last forever when you’re a kid. Apparently it’s got something to do with creating and storing new memories, and the space they take up in your … Continue reading My second monsoon: 12 months in

Couldn’t hack it?

There’s a running gag in Rosehaven, a gem of an Aussie tv show I iviewed last year. The main character has returned to Tassie after working on ‘the mainland’ for a number of years, and every time someone asks him about it, they interrupt his explanations with a droll ‘Couldn’t hack it?’. Snortingly good. Anyway, I’m not sure when I started viewing my life in … Continue reading Couldn’t hack it?