Of holidays & why (sometimes) it’s best to expect the worst..

As I get older, percentage wise there are less new stories that soar into the top 5% of my life experience. That might sound pathetic but what I mean is that, on balance, nostalgia when it hits is about longer ago than last week. There are many very happy memories being made, but lots of the ones that burn brightest have been burning for a … Continue reading Of holidays & why (sometimes) it’s best to expect the worst..

The Queensland Chronicles: Faith

I don’t know how old I was when my Father went fishing with his Father, and was late coming back. We were in Wellington at the time, and there were toy bees hanging from our bunk beds and musical sticks in the living room. We were bundled into the car with Grandma, not really understanding but knowing enough to be upset. She started singing ‘rejoice … Continue reading The Queensland Chronicles: Faith

The Queensland Chronicles: Childhood.

There is a smell in the trees here that I cannot place. It’s a peppery, grassy smell that wafts elusively into the car but when you inhale it disappears. Once we park I gulp great lungfuls of it, and exclaim delightedly because it is the smell of childhood holidays, and it takes me back. It takes me back to sliding down red dirt mounds, ruining … Continue reading The Queensland Chronicles: Childhood.