Pride in the time of pandemic

This post sits firmly in the ‘highly privileged’ category of Covid 19 experience, as demonstrated by the following caveats: I haven’t lost any family or friends to this virus, I live in a territory without community transmission, in a country which does indeed appear to be flattening the curve, I don’t have any children to suddenly figure out how to home-school, My financial security is … Continue reading Pride in the time of pandemic

God holds the key of all unknown and I am glad.

So begins the one hymn I remember singing at my sister’s funeral, as a 3 year old with guitar-shaped ties on my pigtails. This post isn’t about that though. It’s about the way those words have echoed through the passages of my life, and how, 31 years later, they are truer than ever. I don’t know how to begin to write about 2019. Or rather … Continue reading God holds the key of all unknown and I am glad.

My second monsoon: 12 months in

Today is my NT anniversary, and what strikes me first is that one year isn’t enough to hold what the last has. I read a book about time perception a few years ago, and why summer holidays seem to last forever when you’re a kid. Apparently it’s got something to do with creating and storing new memories, and the space they take up in your … Continue reading My second monsoon: 12 months in

Couldn’t hack it?

There’s a running gag in Rosehaven, a gem of an Aussie tv show I iviewed last year. The main character has returned to Tassie after working on ‘the mainland’ for a number of years, and every time someone asks him about it, they interrupt his explanations with a droll ‘Couldn’t hack it?’. Snortingly good. Anyway, I’m not sure when I started viewing my life in … Continue reading Couldn’t hack it?