The first thing I noticed was that it began almost exactly 10 years ago, minus 6 days. The second is that I don’t remember being the person who wrote it.

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Nature’s first green is gold…

When Harry digs a grave for Dobby, the moment crackles with tragic drama. His tears falling into the dirt before the backdrop of a windswept cliff are beautiful in their poignancy. But, it need hardly be said, far from any kind of reality. On Tuesday we dug a similar hole and it wasn’t beautiful. We talked, I cried, and there was no swelling soundtrack, only … Continue reading Nature’s first green is gold…

When the age is old and the love is hard..

15 brightly coloured post-it notes in neat lines. We smiled as we had to put away our laptops, at the quaintness of the exercise. Write 5 things you have, 5 things you can do and 5 people you love. Then, at random intervals, to the ‘boing’ of a phone alarm at odds with the cacophony within, we had to take something away. This is what … Continue reading When the age is old and the love is hard..

What have I to ask beside?

I am not used to hard labour, but it doesn’t mean I don’t remember this feeling. This post-work, tingly arms, hobbling around like an old lady muscle ache. There is no in-between with my Dad. You go hard or you don’t bother. There have been a few projects now, and the after is still the same. Building a dingo enclosure in the scorching summer and … Continue reading What have I to ask beside?

Escaping a life without guarantees…

  I remember wanting to leave the country because it felt like I couldn’t breathe here. Vividly recall days of sitting at my desk, 3pm chocolate runs, wearing cardigans and drinking hot water in the freezing summer aircon, dreaming of cobblestones and anonymity. Wanderlust. The travel bug. Call it what you will, but it was dramatic in the way that I was prone to at … Continue reading Escaping a life without guarantees…

3 days – a wedding, missing and a cemetery..

A wedding: Pretty much nothing is as good as a wedding where you love the people getting married a whole lot, and they love God. Such an event lured me back to Newcastle on the weekend, though I didn’t need much persuading. Seeing Matt’s face when Katie walked down the aisle, hearing them exchange vows and praising our great God for his kindness to us … Continue reading 3 days – a wedding, missing and a cemetery..