The first thing I noticed was that it began almost exactly 10 years ago, minus 6 days. The second is that I don’t remember being the person who wrote it.

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What have I to ask beside?

I am not used to hard labour, but it doesn’t mean I don’t remember this feeling. This post-work, tingly arms, hobbling around like an old lady muscle ache. There is no in-between with my Dad. You go hard or you don’t bother. There have been a few projects now, and the after is still the same. Building a dingo enclosure in the scorching summer and … Continue reading What have I to ask beside?

3 days – a wedding, missing and a cemetery..

A wedding: Pretty much nothing is as good as a wedding where you love the people getting married a whole lot, and they love God. Such an event lured me back to Newcastle on the weekend, though I didn’t need much persuading. Seeing Matt’s face when Katie walked down the aisle, hearing them exchange vows and praising our great God for his kindness to us … Continue reading 3 days – a wedding, missing and a cemetery..