My first monsoon

It’s my 5th full day here in Darwin, and I’m throwing back to my first blog post to share some pictures of life here so far.

After a hair-raising dash to the airport on Tuesday morning and a bittersweet goodbye to my folks, I flew out of Sydney at 9.40 and arrived in Darwin half an hour earlier than expected at 1.45. I also gained an hour and a half (thank you!) so it was actually 12.15 in sunny old Darwin town and time for second lunch!

Josh (new boss) and his wife Jo picked me up from the airport, as well as Topher and his wife Chica. Topher and I were in the same year at Moore College, and they have moved to Darwin to take up a post with Scripture Union, through BCA. My friend Jenny, also in the same year at college, is moving up next week to start uni ministry through AFES. God has been so kind!

My first night was spent with Josh and Jo and their kids, playing lots of Uno, watching pool time (an earlier toe injury means I STILL can’t swim, ugh), being fed and getting to do Bible time with Christian and Sophie. I didn’t get any photos (what!) but I am abundantly grateful to God for their welcome of me and the love and care they have shown, including hefting boxes, Bunnings trips on Josh’s day off, and buying my favourite cereal and instant coffee! Love them.

On Wednesday I picked up my car (exciting! scary! surreal!) and moved into a unit that some amazing peeps from St Pete’s found for me (shoutout to Rowena and Leigh!). The last few days have been a happy blur of unpacking boxes and running to the shops, as well as cleaning and cooking. Some furniture I have ordered is due to arrive in 10 days or so, which means I am ‘camping’ at the moment.

Also, the title of this post isn’t hyperbole. We are literally experiencing a monsoon, or a ‘monsoon burst’ at the moment. The temperature has dropped dramatically, I’m wading through water to get to my car, and I have learned a) not to go to the shops on a Saturday and b) not to park on the roof and assume the rain will stop while you’re inside…

Seriously though, I’m so so excited to be here. It’s been such a long lead up (or felt that way) and I’ve been saying goodbye to people since November, so it’s so great to get to say hello! Am also loving living by myself (the whole freezer is mine! my stuff can stay in the bathroom!) and pottering around at a slower pace.

It’s also been wonderful to catch up with friends. On Thursday, Jo’s birthday, I had an amazing lunch with her and Josh, while on Friday I had a lovely brekky with Topher, Chica and Laura (twinning!). This morning I visited a local church (Josh banned me from St Pete’s as I haven’t technically started yet), and then caught up with my friend Mel, from NCS days. Tonight I’m having dessert with some ladies from St Pete’s and tomorrow morning I start as the Children’s and Families Minister!

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to every one who has prayed and texted and cared for me. Please pray I will keep trusting Jesus and not get distracted, including by good things. As I start tomorrow I am daunted, excited and desperately reliant on God for each step!  Please pray that I will be a good friend and listener, teacher and trainer, and that I will watch my life and doctrine closely. Most of all, thank God for Jesus. I am so grateful for his abundant good gifts, chief of which is the salvation found only in him.

Until next time xo


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