When 2 become 5…

So holidays are over and I’m sneezy and foul… but somewhere north of Newcastle 2 dingoes have miraculously become 5. And life is beautiful.


When we first got Teeko it was with the intention to breed him, but city life and a (mega) rowdy puppy forced our hand. We are certain he can’t be the father of these pups, if you get my drift, and yet…

6 foot high electrified fences. Ground wire. No holes or breaks. And 3 brand new puppies under the care of one very proud mama. It doesn’t add up – but what a happy unsolvable sum!



If you know anything about me, it’s that I’m crazy about dogs. One of my college friends takes a picture every time I stop to pat one on King St and is gleeful at the prospect of compiling an album – heck it could be a coffee table book – in our final year of college. I am extra crazy about 2 particular dogs, technically dingoes, and my affection was certainly less evenly distributed between them until the day Jarrah duplicated herself 3 times over.


These tiny puppies are unbelievable. Small and sweet with pointy dingo ears and white tipped tails. 2 boys and 1 girl. We are in love. Teeko is bounding around like a proud lion. And Jarrah, who has always been too affectionate by half, needy and a little overshadowed by her double-coated white companion, is having the time of her life. Every bit of affection she has bottled up over the years is being lavished on these 3 little buns. Instinct is an incredible thing – with each tongue lick of their seashell pink feet pads, those puppies know they are wanted and loved by their mama. Oh how loved.


Life is funny, everything in swings and roundabouts. Only last week Mum remarked how sorry she was that Jarrah would never have a litter, while Jarrah lay dozing a metre away, still-svelte and sleepy, the only holder of a secret that it wasn’t time to share. (Needless to say Dad has asked Mum to hold off on any more wishes for a little while). Now we are thinking up tree names, fit for the offspring of their red-barked mother.*


So here they are at the worst possible time for us – holidays over, Mum & Dad soon to embark on a trip, an unsuspecting house-sitting couple from Spain about to get the shock of their lives. And yet, there is so much joy in the unexpected, and the way surprise infuses these golden lit days…

*Mum & I are keen on Wattle (for the girl) & Bunya & Moreton for the boys… Any better suggestions? Also… anyone want a puppy? 😉


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