Holidays are here again!

A week of holidays is nearly gone and it’s been AGES since I wrote a fun, photo-filled post! The last few weeks of college were full of many things, so here is a little post to give you an insight.

The gardens of the mill where we had celebrations for Gma’s 90th. A glorious day!
The driveway of my extended family’s house in QLD- stuff of childhood memories..

First, this semester was made a little more insane by a higher than usual number of weekend engagements. The last 5 weeks of college saw me heading to Orange, Wollongong, Newcastle, Queensland and Tamworth for Nat & Matt’s engagement party, Church camp, an engagement party & 21st, Grandma’s 90th birthday and hang times with Rach at a bible conference! It was all a great delight but also rendered me quite tired during the weeks at college – I am making vows about toning it down next semester as a result!

Revising and revising…

Vows are also being made about a new study regime for next term, having survived my first exams in 11 years! I don’t think I’ve ever studied so much for anything (in so little time) or felt so apprehensive going in but I’m ever so thankful for friends who prayed and God who looked after me through it!

2 of my lovely college friends (Liz & Heidi) waiting to head off on post-exam adventures!

There is something very curious about studying the bible and feeling simultaneously anxious and reassured. My very last essay in my last exam was about redemption through Jesus blood, tracing sin and sacrifice and forgiveness and the shedding of blood throughout the bible. It was pretty incredible to be reminded once again of the necessity of Jesus death, that his blood was the only acceptable sacrifice to purchase forgiveness of sins for those who trust in him. One of my favourite hymns as a child is about this, and although it is quite antiquated now, that didn’t stop it ringing through my ears as I wrote.. I can’t imagine ever feeling more jubilant at the end of an essay, with so little of that joy to do with the essay being over!!

“There is a fountain filled with blood, drawn from Emmanuel’s veins,
And sinners plunged beneath that flood, lose all their guilty stains.”

My small red bean, waiting to whisk me away when exams were over…

Since exams finished I have been holed up with my sis and her 3 little ones, as much loved brother-in-law is travelling for work. On the first day of holidays I finished my Paul Tripp book, read ‘erasing hell’ by Francis Chan and started ‘The Explicit Gospel’ by Matt Chandler as well a Don Carson book for good measure. On the second day of holidays I decided that reading felt too much like being at college and promptly stopped. It’s rather glorious to have a break, and idly flick through Harry Potter when the reading urge resurfaces.

Games at twilight with Mr E & Miss S.

What am I doing if not reading you ask? Delightful, delicious, holiday things I answer! Watching 3 seasons of Miranda with Hails and incorporating the vernacular into our everyday life, playing with the 3 kidlets, visiting church with everyone in tow, eating and cooking and partaking in non-collegey culinary delights, getting sick, hauling logs for the fire, shopping, walking and resting – SUCH FUN!

Some glorious wattle on our rainy old walk today..

A separate paragraph shall be devoted to recalling the daily (and sometimes twice daily) emails from the parents as they troop around Europe. Hails and I have managed to band together in our jealously – wincing at the descriptions of vertiginous mountain drives and giggling at Dad’s colourful recounting of social exchanges. Am loving his prolific diary-ing and the way it feels a little like I am over there with them, while very much not being so.

Holding hands with my much loved Mr E ❤

And with that, this first week is almost over– I am soon to head back to college for more rest and a fair few catch-ups in the coming week before holiday kids club and a glorious Newcastle wedding in the final week of hols.. Am so thankful for this break already – for rainy days, relaxing nights and lots of cuddles – and for the God who gives such good gifts.

Tamworth sunsets..

2 thoughts on “Holidays are here again!

  1. Lau! So good to read how your holidays have been going! Ha ha. I didn’t expect that pic of Liz and I. Good one :). Sounds like you have had a relaxing week! See you soon hopefully!

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