Snapshots of April happiness…

To combat some of the seriousness of late (& before the photo’s are redundant) here are some of the lovely things that have been happening in the last month.

First there was the Easter show…

Pretty much fulfilling a life long ambition to hug a cow!!!

Then Nat came to visit and we spent a day shopping and nephew birthday partying and eating…

Nat in the hat..

And then, just as term ended, Mum came to Newtown for 2 days of markets, food, movies and fun!

Selfie as we headed out for the day..

After which I headed back to Lcreek for a week off with family which included my older sis and her 3 little ones. Being an aunty continues to be almost my favourite thing ever, so this holiday (while perhaps not physically restful) was a balm to my soul.

My delightful oldest nephew accompanying me on a dingo walk at dusk…
Little miss S heading to the dirt pile one brilliant morning…

While I was home I turned 28, and I feel… the same as ever. Maybe a little less inclined to stay out until 3 in the morning shouting over a beat that ebbs on long after I am home and makes me worry about all the tiny hairs in my ears that are lying down forever after reading something on the internet once – but otherwise the same.

My amazing malteser cake!

While I was in Newy I also headed to the uni for a seriously wonderful day of catching up with my friends from Newcastle Christian Students… While I was there I was reminded of the great gift that NCS is to students at uni, and the gift it was to me. I’m so thankful for everyone there who loves Jesus and wants to make him known on campus! Here are a couple of my happy reunion selfies 😉

Post- brekky squinting into the sunlight with Bec!
Afternoon happiness after a Jen filled day!
Heading to the beach for the final sliver of sunlight with my wonderful Rach friend…

Back at Lcreek there was plenty to sustain our interest, including the commencement of work on a ‘natural pool’ – which transfixed a little boy who definitely picked the right week to visit…

Ohhh how I look forward to swimming in this when it’s finished!


The cliche about good things coming to an end is no mistake, and soon I was headed back to Sydney and Term 2 of college – which promises to be significantly more intense than the first (and is already delivering on that promise!). That said there has still been time for fun, namely:

A very fun belated birthday breakfast attended by some of my favourite people!
Sleepovers with Han and very VERY early Anzac day selfies with her & Liz…

And finally, to top it all off and end the first week back on a decidedly social note, my year headed off to Cambewarra for a getaway and bonding fun last weekend!

Coffee times at first year getaway!
Stopping at a spectacular site on the way back to church…

I got an email recently suggesting that I am still ‘riding the crest of the wave’ in terms of college.. Am hoping rather that I simply like the water! College continues to challenge and excite me, fill my brain, teach me wonderful things and provide friends who I am loving getting to know better!

At the moment my head is trying to be full of Hebrew in preparation for our first test this week, plus there are a couple of other assignments on the back-burner. Even in the midst of it all, I have to pinch myself so as not to get complacent. Last Wednesday I started thinking about an essay on 1 Peter, which basically involved reading the book through a bunch of times and highlighting the pertinent (to my essay) bits..

It might not always feel like this, but my heart soared as I ‘worked’ through 1 Peter and thought about all that it means to belong to Jesus and look forward to an eternal, imperishable inheritance! If you pray, please pray that ordinary days full of such wonderful things will never actually be ordinary to me..

Love Laura xx


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