Today I long for heaven..

Because finally we will see Jesus as we ought. There will be no more sin or divided hearts. There will be no mixed motives or backhand comments or meaning well but failing miserably. I won’t be impatient or unloving or ungracious or proud. This sanctification that has so long to go will be gloriously, because of Jesus, finished.

Because all of God’s people will worship together, and God will be all in all. There won’t be churches, but the church. There won’t be shepherds but the Shepherd. There won’t be serving priorities and divided loyalties and best training schemes. People won’t be bulldozed and forgotten and numbered instead of embraced and remembered and named. They won’t be ignored and belittled, but esteemed more than they ought to be, as sons and daughters of the God who redeemed them.

Because the things that shouldn’t matter now won’t matter there – size and shininess and how forcibly you can persuade. What will matter is Jesus, and what brings him glory – all of his lost sheep returned.

Because the tears that have been cried will be wiped away. The pain that has been swept under the carpet will tenderly be surrendered. The bitterness for the many once-belonged with sad hearts and disillusioned minds will dissolve along with their brokenness. “He will wipe every tear from their eyes..” My God, who knows.

Because He knows the pain that doesn’t heal and the pleas for forgetting and forgiving that we will pray until we die. He knows the way that it can make you choke sometimes to think of it. He is patient to let us weep and repent and forgive. He is gentle to show us our part and our hearts.

Because one day there will be no more jostling or taking aside or quiet whispers or memories that wake you in the night. One day we will stand beside each other and only Jesus will matter, and all of those sheep, battered and bruised, will be home and safe at last.

“And there with all the blood-bought throng, from sin and sorrow free. I’ll sing the new eternal song of Jesus love for me.”


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