My week at 7 glances…

Well I’ve hit the two week mark here in Newtown and this blog shows no sign of writing itself, so here goes – a sometimes scintillating summary of my week:

Wed: Attempted to drive to Bronte with church peeps. Car wouldn’t start. Attempted first push start. Fail. Called for reinforcements. Attempted second push start. Fail. Reinforcements rolled my car up a hill with me in it. Embarrassing. Called NRMA. NRMA came and called second NRMA. Bought Gelato. 2nd NRMA came and hit the fuel tank with a mallet. Car started. Drove to mechanics in Leichhardt. Ate cheese plate with aforementioned church peeps. Went home.

2013 096
Recovery cheese plate

Thurs: Woke up early. Drove to Leichhardt with Tess in borrowed car. Drove home. Class. Greek. Nouns. Car fixed. Drove back to get it. New fuel pump and battery – thanks Dad 🙂

Fri: Class. Swim. Movie in Chappo house (boys accommodation). (Not just me). (How to train your dragon).

Sat: Did the greek I didn’t do on the previous days due to cars, cheese, swims and dragons. Went to a drinks and cheese afternoon with ladies from church – delightful. Drove back to Newtown and went out for a burger (Burgerlicious) and gelato (pistachio) and king st wander with Meredith. So. Much. Food + dogs in the bookshop = happiness.

2013 098

Sun: Greek, washing, kids church meeting, church, Nat arrived for a visit (woo), out to tea with extended family of church peeps – Vietnamese. Saw Bruce the friendly waiter for the second week in a row. Joy!

photo (1)
My ‘usual’ after 2 visits – healing noodle soup with crispy chicken!

Mon: Class, Pie tin and king st delights with Nat, first ever college chapel (AWESOME), communion and community dinner. Had coughing fit in chapel without water. Conspicuously left seat in second row, ran to my room to retrieve water, ran back and resumed my seat. Note to self: running + lurgy = more coughing. Lesson learned. Walked to Surry Hills with Nat for more Kurtosh and to justify all the eating. Home to Season 3 of community and sister sleepovers 🙂

photo (3)
Our better halves.

Tues: Class, epic walk around Sydney uni and ride in security van with Nat, farewells, dr’s appointment in which I was encouraged to pray for healing, THEN diagnosed with the end of tonsilitis! Antibiotics = my friend! Home for 15 mins, drove to Strathfield for homemade pizza and fun times with Hannah, Megan & Lydia, followed by fro-yo. This is getting embarrassing…

2013 102
Coconut froyo, pistachios & chocolate sauce = delightful!

Wed (today!): Class. Second day of verbs. Really need to do work in the afternoons now. Read my book (C.S Lewis – the great divorce). Went to child protection seminar. Finished my book – so good… Still processing. Dinner. Study which has morphed into blog writing. AND NOW WE ARE UP TO DATE!!

What I haven’t mentioned are my lovely letters from the very dear Mel and Ali. I couldn’t have imagined two nicer first pieces of mail – both of them made me very happy, very sad and very thankful. I am so blessed by God with incredible friends and memories. I didn’t realise how much I would come to miss my 1.1’s and coffee dates with NCS girls, but I really do. Am so thankful to God for the incredible chances I got over the past few years to read parts of his word, drink copious amounts of caffeine and pray with some of his precious daughters. Now when I read Hosea I think about Sarah I, Romans reminds me of Anna, Acts of Mel and Nehemiah of Mim F – and the list goes on.

Thank you old friends for making this new time so special, by accident or on purpose. Thank you God for whom nothing, not even the when of reminding me, is an accident.


2 thoughts on “My week at 7 glances…

  1. I’m so glad you got your letter! I’m sorry it’s a little sad though… But I did warn you! 🙂

    You sound so busy with study and fellowship, it’s so exciting! Looking forward to your reply when you get the time (suggestion… Greek first, THEN pen pal!!) hehehe

    Ali xo

  2. LG, i miss you too!! i am reading Romans AGAIN, true story, with my family. your first 2 weeks sound just right 🙂 p.s. mmmmm cheese.

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