Of fury, flatpacks and flaking out

My first proper day in Newtown involved all of the above. The fury wasn’t mine (thankfully) but the other two were and are. I’m loving it here in my oversized room with my screen-less window and the sounds of the street below.

Green out of my window!

I love that I can look out of my window into Meredith’s room (friend from church), and that earrings and chocolate were part of my welcome pack. I love that my car is parked far away and for free, and that today I walked everywhere and felt like a tourist in the city I was born.

Initially the walking was to Redfern and ultimately the fury was at Centrelink where I finished a book, wrote half a letter and avoided eye contact. It was pretty much as I expected, but I was sorry for the staff and sad for reinforced stereotypes.

The flatpacks were purchased for my enormous room (seriously the biggest on my floor and twice the size of some – WHY?) and I have actual blisters on my hands from actual manual labour, but now my towels don’t live in a stripy bag under my bed, so alls well that ends well.

New filing cabinet and lovely bunting (thanks sis!)
Observe my linen cupboard!
The other side- shoes, clothes, dvd’s, desk…
My bookshelf and the frogs that made the cut…

My day finished with a swim at my local pool (check out that view) and the sad realisation that after 4 breathless laps trying to keep up, it was not false modesty that prompted me to slip under the ropes into the slow lane. Apparently when you don’t swim for 3 months, your body remembers…

Victoria park pool

Today involved lots of other things – meeting bunches of lovely girls, a barista launching into a description of his blends when he found out I’m starting at Moore (apparently ppl take coffee VERY seriously here) and eating leftovers from my glorious dinner with the wonderful Han last night.

Am thankful to God for these settling in days, for new friends and for surviving here and feeling excitement in almost every moment. Love much, LG xx


7 thoughts on “Of fury, flatpacks and flaking out

  1. All the room pics remind me of England 😃 sigh!! I believe you met Graces friend Kate 😊 let me know if you have time to catchup. Id love to see you 😋

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